Gemma and baby Ella

 I honestly can’t recommend this lovely lady enough.
Vikki is so knowledgeable about all things baby related and helped me so much with breastfeeding my baby girl . 5 months on and I have got the most lovely , close relationship with my baby and it’s all thanks to her. I will be eternally grateful to vikki for this as I wasn’t able to breastfeed my first two babies so this was very important to me. I probably would have given up this time too if it wasn’t for vikki’s amazing help and support. I wasn’t getting anywhere with my midwives of health visitors , but everything vikki said just made sense. And the advice on a ring sling was the best advice ever , baby Ella just loves being worn close to mummy. 
Thank you again so much Vikki , you are amazing and thanks to you I have a lovely chilled out baby girl X


Dominique and baby Lincoln

I honestly cannot recommend Vikki highly enough. My husband was due to be away while I gave birth so I looked into a doula for some support whilst giving birth. But Vikki was so much more! She was incredible at giving advice, from pregnancy related things to how to ensure I got the birth I really wanted. She’s so knowledgeable about all things pregnancy, birth and baby and it had such a calming effect on me, which is a miracle! She was fantastic during my labour and birth and I honestly believe that it would not have gone to plan if I had not had her there to help me and make me feel confident enough to be able to do it! If I ever persuaded my hubby to have another then I would absolutely want Vikki to be my doula again!


Hafsa and baby Ayanna

Hiring Vikki as our doula was definitely the best decision my husband and I made for the birth of our daughter. We initially looked into having a doula as we also have a 3 year old son and I wanted sometime else around that I could rely on. However, Vikki turned out to be a lot more then just an emergency baby sitter!

Vikki provided me with help and support before, during and after the birth of my daughter, even in the middle of the night at one point during a particularly stressful time in my pregnancy when I felt I had no one else to turn to. She was also great with my 3 year old son and respectful of my religious faith.

When I went into labour at 2:20am I know I’d made the right decision not to rely on any friends or family members! Vikki responded to my text straight away and reassured me that she was ready to help. I felt relaxed knowing that I could leave my husband to take care of my toddler rather trying to look after both of us together!

Once she arrived at my house Vikki helped me to finish packing my hospital bag (doulas are especially invaluable if you tend to be disorganised like me!), put on the TENS machine she had lent me (which I didn’t have a clue about how to put on myself!), made me a cup of tea, helped me find the phone number for the hospital, gave me some lovely smelling essential oils, suggested positions and strategies to cope with contractions and generally just chatted to me and helped me to feel safe and excited to meet my little girl.

My labour suddenly progressed very fast and as we left the house for the hospital the intensity of my contractions took me by surprise. Yet Vikki remained calm and positive during the drive to hospital (despite admitting to me afterwards that she was worried I was about to give birth in her car!). She is a great driver for sure! I was also so grateful that I could leave my still sleeping toddler behind with my husband and I didn’t have to worry about him. It would have been a totally different story if we’d had to wake him up and take him with us at that time in the morning!

Once we arrived at the hospital, even though the midwife was questioning whether there was enough time left for me to get in the pool, and I was questioning my ability to do any of it, with Vikki’s support I was able to have the natural water birth that I had hoped for. I didn’t even take any pain medication and I’m sure it was down to Vikki’s belief in me and in the power of mothers to give birth.

She was so positive and encouraging and she never once made me feel as if she was trying to influence my decisions or actions. Instead she told me to trust my body and that I was doing great. There was one moment in particular that I was so exhausted (having only had 2 hours sleep) that I declared ‘I can’t do this!’ and I was ready to give up, but Vikki wouldn’t let me! She gave me an energy tablet and told me that’s all I needed. She was so convincing that somehow I found the strength to carry on!

Overall it was great to have someone so calm, professional, experienced and supportive by my side. I didn’t have to worry about feeling awkward or embarrassed as I may have done after if I’d had a friend or family member with me. I didn’t have to worry about my possessions, like where my phone was or which room my clothes had been left in! In fact Vikki had my phone and snacks to hand for me as soon as Ayana was born so I could call my husband and replenish some much needed energy!

Maybe best of all  I didn’t have to worry about my toddler or inconveniencing family members in the middle of the night! I didn’t have to listen to anyone’s unwanted suggestions or advice about how I should do things or worry about them getting upset or anxious to see my discomfort. I knew Vikki was on my side with no other agenda and that was very reassuring.

I will always be grateful for the role Vikki played in the birth of my little girl and I can’t recommend her highly enough to any other expectant mums. Thank you so much dearest Vikki.