Roles & Packages

Birth doula

As your birth doula I will provide both you and your partner with one to one support during the antenatal period and throughout your birth. I will help you explore all aspects of birth preparation including birth plans, and sign post you to up to date research based evidence to enable you to make informed decisions about your care.

We can debrief past births and work through any fears you may have for this birth. I want you to feel empowered and confident. I will enable your partner to feel reassured that he is being the best support he can be. My aim is to make you both feel like a well prepared team as you both step in to this new chapter in your lives.

I will stay with you for the entire labour and birth providing continuous support. I have a few tricks in my bag for pain relief such as a tens machine, massage oils, cold/hot compresses and various other things to help you in labour. I also carry a few snacks and drinks. I only leave once you and baby are happily settled.

After the birth I will come and see you. I look forward to the baby cuddles and can help you with any aspects of baby care, including feeding, bathing and sleeping. I can offer some breastfeeding support and sign post you to any local support groups you may need. We can also debrief the birth.

Birth package

The first meeting is free so we can both chat and find out if we are a good fit.

I will go on call for you from 38 weeks until you have your baby.

There will be at least a further 2 meetings antenatally.

Unlimited phone and email contact until the baby is 6 weeks old.

Labour and birth

1\2 visits postnatally

Please call or email to find out if i am free to support you and discuss costs.

There is also a doula UK access fund that some low income families can utilise so you may still be able to have a doula.

Bespoke birth plan

This is a one off session to be held in your own home with whomever you’d like to bring a long. We can discuss all aspects of your birth plan, talking through all the options available to you. I can sign post you to some excellent resources to help you make an informed decision and feel confident and prepared as you await your labour.

We can talk through any previous births you have had so you can debrief fully and explore any concerns you may have this time.

This will be charged as a one of fee of £50*

*if you go on to hire me as your birth doula after this session then i deduct this from the birth doula package cost.

Postnatal doula

As your postnatal doula I offer baby care and mamma support. I can provide help and support in all aspects of baby care, including feeding (breast or bottle), bathing, soothing and sleeping for your precious newborn.

I also look after you. You are to be cherished and loved in this special time. I can prepare meals, do some shopping, look after older siblings, do some light housework and even walk the dog! Equally as important is making time to sit with you and talk. You may want to debrief after the birth. I want you to enjoy your ‘babymoon’ and feel totally supported.

Postnatal package

A postnatal doula typically works a few hours a day during the week. Usually no more than 4 in a day. It’s entirely flexible and can be fitted in around what you need.

My rate is £15 per hour.

Closing the Bones Ceremony

This is a traditional Mexican ritual that brings closure to the whole process of conception, pregnancy and birth, restoring the body and bringing energy back in to the mother.  It can be performed at any point in life where closure and strength is needed. This includes years after a baby is born, death, divorce, menopause or simply because you feel this would benefit you.

It is performed in Mexican culture at least 5 times following birth over the postnatal period. Some may be content with one or may need more.

The ceremony starts by creating a sanctuary and holding the space for the woman. Gentle sifting of the hips with the use of a rebozo (traditional Mexican woven cloth) follows. I want you to feel warm, comfortable and nurtured during this wonderful ceremony. I will anoint you with a mixture of warming, nourishing and calming oils before massaging your belly and hips, removing tension and leaving you relaxed.  The hips are then closed firmly with the rebozo. Finally i  gently wrap you at the head, hips and feet to lie peacefully.  I hold your space and make you tea while you enjoy the supported and truly nurtured feeling.

This is an excellent ceremony to have following a birth debrief session.

You could also purchase this as a lovely gift for someone.

The price of this wonderful ceremony is £60 and is performed in your own home. If you would like to buy more than one we can discuss a price for this.