Developing Doulas, the fantastic doula course I attended taught by the wonderful Maddie McMahon.

Closing the Bones

A lovely course I attended so now i can offer you a Closing the Bones ceremony. 

I am a member of DUK, they provide a mentoring system with guidelines for practice and a whole host information. They also have a directory of doulas so you can find one in your area. They also offer a brilliant service for those families unable to afford a doula. More about that here

Doula UK Access Fund

The Doula UK Access Fund covers the expenses of Doula UK doulas volunteering to work with local clients in financial hardship, enabling those on a very low income to have the support of a doula.

The association of breastfeeding mothers. I am also a member of this fantastic organisation who provide excellent breastfeeding information, support and counselling.

Spinning babies is an amazing source for any pregnant mother. They offer brilliant positioning techniques to get baby in the optimal position for labour.

The birth Hub is a super informative blog written by Maddie McMahon.