About Me

I’m Vikki Young. A recognised doula living in Gosport. I cover all areas that can be reached within an hour from here.

I am very much looking forward to supporting you during your birth and postnatally. As your doula I am here for you on your birthy journey. A privilege for me. I will support you in whichever way you like, your partner too. You may want a candlelit water birth or a ‘Get me ALL the drugs NOW’ birth, possibly even a caesarean section. It’s simple for me. Your birth, your way.

I will provide you information or point you in the direction of a wealth of wonderful local sources and knowledge, supporting you unconditionally along the way.

I’m married to Neil who serves in the Royal Navy and have 8 children. 18 year old twins who were born at 29 weeks, Samuel and Jacob. Seraphim age 16 is a bit of a miracle, she has Turners Syndrome and has overcome so many obstacles in life. Jonah is 14, Hugo 11, Beau is 8, Bluebell 7 and finally Arthur is 4.

I feel like i’ve always been a doula. Fascinated by pregnant woman and birth, tiny babies and breastfeeding, I sought them out. A brief midwifery journey followed but I struggled to leave at the end of a shift. Always looking for the relationship to develop and see them through their whole journey in to motherhood. I went from midwifery to my own babies. All 8 of them. It has been an addictive path for me…One I have loved every minute of.

I have been called upon by friends to be birth partner and breastfeeding help over the years. Always a very willing volunteer, keeping my nose firmly in the birthy world.

Now my children are older and need me just a teeny bit less i’m walking the next part of my birthy journey. A doula.

I can also be found baking in the kitchen so don’t be surprised if I turn up with a vast chocolate cake. Equally I can be found with a G&T in my hand. Not when on call though!


Reasons for choosing a doula

The word ‘doula’ comes from the ancient greek meaning a ‘Women who serves’.

Research has shown a doula present at the birth can –

Shorten first time labour by an average of 2 hours

Decrease the need for pain medication

Helps fathers participate with confidence

Increases success in breastfeeding

(‘Mothering the Mother’ by Klaus, Kennell and Klaus, 1993)