You Can’t Fill From An Empty Cup

You can’t fill from an empty cup. Ever heard that one?
It’s quite true.

We run around making sure everything is running smoothly, the house looks (relatively) clean and tidy and we have remembered it’s a double inset day (!) as well as turning up to worky stuff and realising dungarees were not the best fashion choice, when confronted by a room full of very long titled professionals, and you already feel out of your depth. Not forgetting the bloody shopping and meal planning that NEVER. Seems. To. End.

While all this is going on we have a hormone pattern that does this…female hormones

Incidentally, the male hormone chart is a long unmoving line. The only one i could get a degree of movement in is one that plots their age and corresponding testosterone level. Just being balancedĀ  šŸ˜‰

male hormone pic

I saw this on a t shirt in the week and it made me chuckle.

anything you can do pic


I mean how the hell do we do it? How do we maintain all this stuff internally and still cope with all that happens in life?Ā  Something has to give, right? At some point we all lose the plot and lie down, drink the gin, eat the chocolate, knit a pair of socks, run 10 miles, whatever works for you.

We all need to be acknowledging our spectacular super powers and filling our cup UP.

I’ve been to see Tania atĀ  Zenses Holistic TherapiesĀ  again this week to fill my cup. She has been treating me since June this year.


Her fabulous healing hands and gentle womb massage is so soothing and relaxing. Her ability to open my chakra points wide and make me feel so safe at the same time is truly amazing.

The progress has been life changing. I’m bleeding for a whole 3 days less. I feel like i am so much more in tune with my cycle. Recognising the various stages, knowing when to curl up and listen to my body and when to hit the gym with good results. The pain is pretty intense on the 2 or so days i get it but i am using early labour techniques to work through it. Not just powering through and feeling exhausted. A hot water bottle, wrapping with a rebozo, eating good food and slowing down are all helping.

Tania has made me feel like i have permission to look after myself, that i am important. I urge you to go and see her, or find a similar practitioner where you live. We have much to cope with and fighting our cycles is the road to pain and stress. We need to embrace it and find a balance. Drop the guilt that we carry and carve out some time for yourself.

You can’t fill those endless cups if your’s is empty.

Doula love to you all x