Sacral Massage with Tania at Zenses Holistic Therapies (self love part 2)

Over the crazy summer i managed to squeeze in another session with Tania over at  Zenses Holistic Therapies. I was itching to see her as our last appointment was changed as i was en route due to family issues. It actually worked out better that way though, it meant i was at pretty much the same point in my cycle as the first time i saw her. Funny how these things often work out, i find that a lot in birth work. The universe has greater plans.

I was so looking forward to this massage. I couldn’t wait to tell Tania about the difference in my last cycle! In just one session she had altered my cycle, it was a whole day less and the day i seemed to have missed was the 3rd day of hell. It was only when it was lunchtime on the 3rd day that i realised i hadn’t taken any painkillers! I could leave the house as the bleeding was like a day 4. Weird. The pain also seemed to be different, it has always been like contractions for me but with a nagging dragging feeling too. This time i felt lighter and although i still needed to breathe through the waves it was a relief not to have the constant heavy dragging feeling too. There was no seemingly endless irritating dribs and drabs in the last day or two  either.( This blog is not for the faint hearted!)

We sat down in her beautiful, calming cabin to go through the last few weeks. I felt lovely and calm almost immediately. I knew what was coming and was reassured by this. It’s not just a massage, there is real ritual involved. My favourite part once again was the spine being opened, the chakra points laid wide as it felt like i was almost disconnected. Tania did some reiki too as she went through the massage. I was able to relax further than before and let her go deeper in to the massage. It was heavenly. Tania takes the time to allow you to really relax and enjoy the process. She uses her fabulous intuition to sense what is needed as you go, removing the negativity. She also picked up on my closed throat chakra. A telling sign that she was bang on with. She really is a marvel.

I’m currently looking in to Yoni steaming too to compliment the wonderful work Tania is doing. I’m really looking forward to my next session with her next week!