Speedy Arrival

I have had birth client booked almost since she pee’d on the stick. One of those beautiful, ethereal types. Her instagram looks like its filtered, but it isn’t. She’s just that lovely. Smiling, adorable children too. she had rough time birthing her second baby and lots of trauma. This time she wanted it to be different. She wanted to feel empowered and informed. Calling the shots and doing everything she could to make this birth experience better. Lucy was incredibly well read and knew exactly what she wanted and needed to do. I was definitely in awe of her. Her last two labours had been precipitate labours. Super quick!

When i was called out on Sunday to see her as she felt wrung out and unable to carry on i was just stepping out of a birth meeting with another client due in October. I said i’d pop in to see her on the way back. Lucy had been in bed all day and was still there when i arrived early afternoon. I did lots of reassurance that the baby would absolutely arrive soon but they don’t have schedules these babies, at least none they share with us! I suggested she did a little trick of mine. Pretend the baby wasn’t coming for the next 24 hours, 48 if she could manage it. Don’t try anything to bring on labour, plan something lovely to do that you would almost be mad about missing if you went in to labour! Rest up and act like everything is normal. Nothing to see here. No siree. Definitely not a baby!

As i left her and got in to my car i made a mental note to check my bag when i got in and eat tea early that night. She looked like a woman on the edge of meeting her baby to me…

That evening Craig called me about 745. I hadn’t had tea but had checked my bag! Her waters had gone spectacularly, everything was soaking and she would like me to come. I arrived to Lucy on her birthing ball. She looked fabulous. The Manchester concert was on, she had her mum and two friends there along with her partner and i. Her two children were up. It was a relaxed and chilled room. We did some Spinning Babies moves to line him up and sat back while she bounced on the birth ball and had a Clary sage massage. The picture of serenity.

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As the first tightening came about 1045 we all smiled and carried on laughing and chatting. Lucy carried on looking fabulous. Note the missing cushions in the picture. A victim of the gushing waters. Poor Craig’s socks were next on the list!

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Another 10 minutes later and we started timing them. They were irregular and Lucy was coping well. Waters still pouring out of her we joked that it was probably a teeny baby in there after the chat of a huge baby. Lucy was on the ball, then crouched over the ball. Once she got up for a moment and a quick wee it changed. It was becoming obvious that things were definitely picking up in pace and Lucy was starting to say “He’s on his way for sure now!” Little Daniel was helping look after his mummy and as we knew it was close Hannah, who’d gone off to bed a little earlier, was woken so she could see her brand new little brother arrive earthside.

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The hospital was called as they became regular at 4 minutes apart. Established labour. They called us back and asked us if she could go in as they were busy. It was an absolute “no way!”. After another few contractions we called again just to make sure someone was coming, quickly.

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By this time they were every 2 minutes and i could see the signs that this baby was very close. It had been about half an hour. In that pic on the left above, Lucy is pushing.

They asked if we wanted a paramedic out just in case the midwife didn’t make it. “Oh yes please!” i said. As the paramedic arrived about 10 minutes later we saw the babies head born. Followed by a couple of minutes wait as he had to rotate and wiggle his anterior shoulder out. Then we heard a pop as his shoulder was delivered and an ENORMOUS baby was between her legs. Happy Birthday baby Felix! 45 minutes of labour.


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The midwives arrived after he was tucked up with Lucy and we were all cooing at how delicious he was and how amazing mum had been. Lots of skin to skin and breastfeeding, waiting for the placenta. Everything was calm and relaxed. The oxytocin level was sky high! We all had tea and chatted about the marvel of birth. Craig cut the cord after the placenta was delivered and we put a very cute little rainbow tie on instead of the plastic clip.

Then we weighed Felix. 10lbs 5 1/2 oz. TEN POUNDS FIVE OUNCES. That woman needs all the gold stars AND a cape. Lucy is about 5’2 and a size 8. Pretty positive message there about women being able to birth babies the right size for them if they are undisturbed and allowed to move freely.

We looked at the placenta and i made Lucy a placenta smoothie with lots of lovely red berries and apple juice along with a chunk of the fabulous placenta. Then i did some amazing tree of life prints. As you do, at 230am.

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It was such a lovely calm and empowering birth. Gorgeous midwives and a brilliant paramedic helped keep the atmosphere just as Lucy had planned it. She said she knew all along that no one would make it. Mums are pretty awesome. This one in particular. Thank you Lucy and Craig for taking me along for the ride.