Closing the Bones

Ever since i heard about the Closing the Bones ceremony over a year ago now i have been itching to learn how to do it. It just made so much sense. Closing the Bones is a Mexican ritual to take a woman back in to her body, energise and nurture her after childbirth. A soothing and powerful way to let mothers reconnect with their body and mind closing the many pathways that were opened to allow a woman to birth her baby.

We are laid bare when we birth. Our minds alter as we open up to thoughts of another human being that relies so completely on us and our body changes immeasurably. Hips widen, rib cages flare, organs displace entirely, breasts swell and fill with milk, we become fluid filled and puffy. Hormones change and race around our bodies enabling us to adapt to all these changes.  It’s a huge transition.

When the baby is born we are once again at the mercy of the changing hormones and altering body as it adapts to caring for this precious newborn. All care becomes focused on the baby. The mother is overwhelmed with it and everyone else too.

This beautiful ceremony acknowledges the changes the woman has undergone, it respects the huge shift in her body and mind. It allows her space and freedom to embrace what has gone before and reach some level of closure.

The ceremony itself is a mixture of rebozo sifting, belly and hip massage. The perfect oils are used to warm and nourish the woman as the massage takes place. Her hips are closed with the rebozo, this feels delicious. Truly being held and feeling safe. Finally you are carefully wrapped at the head, hips and feet so you feel gently supported.

A really special ceremony. One that makes absolute sense to me. Mexican women use this ritual wrapping of the hips many times following a birth. Its a process to help a woman heal, feel complete and herself again.

I was taught by the gorgeous Sophie Messager who was taught this traditional massage at the Doula UK retreat in Cae Mabon, Wales, by Rocio Alarcon. Rocio is an amazing woman from Ecuador. She was trained in traditional midwifery, shamanism and, ethnobotany by her mother and grandmother, and she also holds a PhD in ethnobotany.

If you would like me to Close the Bones on yourself or anyone else then please look at the services i offer. I would be absolutely delighted.