Dust Bunnies and The Early Bird

My poor old site has been gathering dust recently. After an incredibly busy May/April i’m still catching up on paperwork, planning the diary for the next few months and booking in births. Some as far away as October. It’s never too early to book your doula, folks! I had to turn someone down recently as i’m all booked up. That breaks my heart, so please book early.

In fact i love an early booking. Lot’s of time for us to engage in some email chat and build a relationship. Then as we near the baby arriving we are already immersed in that lovely doula/client space. Our emails might have become a bit jokey or you have found yourself relaxed enough to tell me you are not going to labour, EVER because there may be poo when you do. ¬†All the little details come out. Those little details, i find, are usually the most important ones. They are the ones that niggle you at 2am, after the 8th wee of the night.

So, sorry to my site for the neglect. I’m going to endeavour to do better. I’d like you all to read it and feel better prepared and informed for the birth and babies arriving in your lives. I’ll get on that. And if you’re thinking about booking a doula, start chatting to some sooner rather than later.