Family, family, family and a bit of Farm life.

We had a lovely trip away at Easter with our Welsh family (they are many) to Tiverton. So nice to catch up with everyone and watch all the children play like they have never been apart. Only one near disaster from one of mine, the 4 year old, when he managed to fall down one stair and find the edge of the drawers (how do they DO that?) which resulted in a swift trip to the local minor injuries and some hefty glue application to his head. We were back within half an hour! Result.

My sister and her family came for a visit on Saturday. My brother and his family came too and we had a lovely day in the sun.  It’s been a couple of family catch up weeks. Something i am so grateful for. Nothing beats watching all the cousins play and having sister hugs!

The children are on Easter holidays so the house is full. This means my husband and i are often to be found at the supermarket as it’s a bit like a plague of locusts has descended when they are all off. The small 5 plus my nephew came to the farm yesterday. I LOVE the farm. I go every year desperate to see a teeny lamb being born and hold the chicks and ducklings. I would absolutely have a farm if i could. Although i would be terrible at any actual farming. Nothing would be allowed to be killed and the Aga would continually have some lost cause curled up next to it.

IMG_0016 IMG_0008


My nephew was coming along so i could give my brother and sister some respite. She was expecting to meet their second baby last Saturday. He had other ideas as babies often do about that ridiculous made up date called a ‘due’ date. As it turned out i got the 2am call in the early hours Tuesday, my sister in law had gone in to labour. The next news came at 4am when he was OUT! At home. All went swimmingly, the woman is a total star. I am so proud of her. When i saw her a few hours later she was snuggled in bed with the baby and said she couldn’t believe it really. It all seemed so surreal. Like it was a totally normal event. No hospital dash or stress, no protocols to follow, her own bed to curl up in with the baby. Very different to her first birth in hospital.  My nephew had woken up in the morning to a brand new brother, he’d slept through the birth entirely!


So when i collected my nephew i got to meet my brand new one too! Lambs and baby’s cuddles all in one day. Perfick.