I chatted to a client this morning about her labour and options open to her. She hadn’t considered there were any. With her last labour there was no choice given, well there was actually but “Do this and your baby will die” is hardly an option anyone would chose, right? I was thinking about something […]

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Kit and Caboodle

As a doula we are often called out in the middle of the night. Women tend to birth in the small hours, very sensible too, you can get busy birthing your baby while the rest of the world sleeps and doesn’t interfere. This is heavenly for us (as soon as we have woken up enough […]

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I thought in the first blog i should introduce myself a bit and explain my job. That way when I launch in to a blog about placenta’s, cake or the 6th child to reduce me to tears before 8am one morning you’ll understand why that might be. I’m Vikki, a 38 year old married Mum […]

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