Making up Infant Formula.


I have been busy working this week and came across a change in baby care that a new mum wasn’t aware of. I too had no idea until my doula course last year. The rules (!) for baby care change all the time, it’s an ever changing list of do’s and don’t’s! Making up formula is one of them.

Although we may spin the tin and glance over the instructions on how to make up a feed i have discovered they are not all that clear and some have not changed the instructions at all in line with the NHS guidelines.

The new guidelines are very clear on the above link. Boil the kettle, use carefully cleaned and sterilised equipment, leave the water to cool for 30 minutes allowing it to reach 70 degrees C, pour the correct amount required in to the bottle and add the carefully measured powder, lid on and shake. To cool it further, so it is at room temperature for the baby to feed, you need to hold the bottom of the bottle under the cold tap until it’s cooled. For each bottle at each feed. Easy with a crying, hungry baby over your shoulder, yes?

As you reel in the complicated nature of this process the brilliant Analytical Armadillo  has it covered. She can tell you all you need to know and how to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Just a little warning, once you enter her site you’ll be lost in it’s brilliance. The children will be feral and tea may be late. Or maybe that’s just this house (Sorry kids!).