I thought in the first blog i should introduce myself a bit and explain my job. That way when I launch in to a blog about placenta’s, cake or the 6th child to reduce me to tears before 8am one morning you’ll understand why that might be.

I’m Vikki, a 38 year old married Mum of 8 children (It’s not that many, not enough for a TV show!) The children are in that magical stage of being almost self sufficient, sort of. Or at least some of them seem to be and that provides enough of an illusion that allows me to leave the house without worrying too much. I also have a pretty outstanding husband that manages to cope brilliantly when I leave in the small hours. All backed up by the best in laws I think it’s possible to have. I’m a lucky, lucky lady.

My job is a doula. I support women and their families through pregnancy, birth and postnatally. Whatever they want from their birth or postnatal period is exactly what I want for them. I gather the information they need to make informed decisions, nurture, cherish and reassure along the way.

I LOVE it. After a smidge of midwifery before I had my own babies I was totally hooked. I have been constantly involved in the birthy world since. By having my own babies or helping friends have their’s along the way. I have come to understand the importance of a well prepared mamma. She is one who goes in to motherhood confident and ready for the challenges in front of her.

I also bake, a lot. I blame the children and the continuous birthday’s. I have a favourite tipple, Mothers ruin. Mothers saviour if you ask me and also blame the children for that too. I like anything that doesn’t match (apart from socks) and only drink earl gray tea. All quite normal so far, yes?

So now you know a bit about me and my life the probably, crazy blog’s that may follow will make a bit more sense.